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We apply the best development practices to create the most custom solutions related to Blockchain integration and Financial platforms

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    Development process

    Our work is built upon a Scrum principle. The development process is based on fixed-length intervals, the so-called "Sprints". At the end of each project's sprint we inspect an update, discuss it with the client and collect feedback to make all necessary adjustments until we touch Perfection

    Evaluate project

      1. Discovery
      Analytics & Research
      2. Design
      System Architecture
      3. Programming
      Integration & Testing
      4. Audit
      Review & Revision
      5. Release
      Deployment & Examination
      6. Support
      Extension & Upgrowth

      Technology stack

      Creation of high-performance fault-tolerant applications and DeFi systems for businesses requires the use of most advanced technologies in the field of blockchain solutions. Our development stack adjusts and grows daily to meet the needs of the modern Market
      • Ethereum
      • Solidity
      • JavaScript
      • Python
      • React JS
      • MySQL
      • MongoDB
      • AWS
      • Google Cloud
      • RabbitMQ
      • Redux
      • Docker
      • Flask
      • OpenStack

      Blockchain is our Passion

      years of experience
      hours of audit & consulting
      projects delivered & counting
      smart contracts made
      hours of development
      unicorn projects released
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        Benefit greatly from Blockchain

        Increase processes' efficiency and add value to your Company by integrating Blockchain technology. 
By decentralizing the management of and access to resources, your business will provide greater, more stable and fair Services
        Transparency and Security
        Blockchain technology features businesses with a history of activity, not just a snapshot in time. Transactions become immutable, traceable, and irrevocable. A decentralized way of storing data makes the whole system robust and secure.
        Business Efficiency
        Businesses can easily accelerate operational efficiency. Increase their financial indicators by discarding unnecessary processes and bureaucracy via automated and regulated Smart Contracts or other blockchain solutions.
        Eliminate the costs and infrastructure that come with it. 
By using blockchain technologies businesses achieve reduced costs and seamless operations as well as have no need for third-party transaction authentications.
        Risk Management
        Achive lower risk of fraud and data tampering within business operations by the use of distributed ledger technologies. With blockchain-based transactions you guarantee your business continuity and trustless environment.
        Weak Points Reduction
        Decentralization reduces points of weakness in systems where there may be too much reliance on specific performers. Human factor can lead to system failures due to the bottlenecks, lack of sufficient incentives for good service, or corruption.
        Better Service Delivery
        Decentralization can help to optimize the distribution of resources so that promised services are provided with better performance and consistency, as well as to reduce the possibility of a catastrophic failure.