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Blockchain-platforms and cryptocurrency services development, audit of cloud systems, consulting and distributed registry technologies training.
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Blockchain is a database that maintains a continuously growing list of ordered records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block.

Application of encryption ensures changes in the chain of blocks that can be made only by its “owner”, providing copies of the distributed chain of blocks synchronization to all the users.

Where is the application of Blockchain technology relevant?

Tokens issue
Creation and subsequent issue to the platform of your own "unit of value", distributed in the Blockchain with the possibility of purchase, sale and replenishment.
Data management
Blockchain is used to identify employees and customers. This way of confirming rights is reliable and economically advantageous.
Transactions with goods and commodity
The risks of losses are minimized while using Blockchain technology to carry out protected transactions with tangible assets.
Creation of smart contracts
Blockchain allows to reduce the risk during transactions by conducting smart transactions. Password transfer is carried out only if the conditions are met in advance.
Authenticity verification (digital identity)
Blockchain technology is capable of protecting various intellectual property rights and ownerships.
Large Internet-systems automation
The technology allows automatic project management via the creation of linked chains.

Our services

Blockchain programming
Do you have an intention to create your own cryptocurrency or to implement the technology into your business? We will provide professional assistance.

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ICO Implementation
The whole process starting with the token issue and smart contract development to creation of web projects for the ICO implementation with the investor's cabinet.

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Smart Contracts Development
Creation of protected smart contracts with given conditions on modern platforms and algorithms

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Blockchain Technology Training
You can request the price, learn about personalized protection solutions or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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Token and Coin Development
Digital money creation with security, payment service and fault tolerance.

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Kirill Varlamov
Distributed systems and decentralized services аrchitect. Cloud computing and network technologies expert.

Distributed systems and decentralized services аrchitect. Cloud computing and network technologies expert.

Kirill graduated from the University of NRU MIET. His specialty is Telecommunications. From 2010 to 2015 worked in Cisco Systems as a systems engineer in computational and cloud computing area. From 2010 to 2017 Kirill was a systems architect in Brain4Net where he had conducted the research in Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Vsevolod Mikhalevsky
Distributed systems and decentralized applications developer.

Vsevolod graduated from the NRU MIET. His specialty is secure communication systems. Since 2008 he worked in the leading system integrators as an information security engineer, took part in the development of IS subsystems for large customers. Was also involved in the development and support of the CISCO teaching laboratory (MIET TU). For a long time Vsevolod worked in Digital. Since 2017  has been studying protocols and was engaged in DApp development at OnGrid Systems.

Pavel Ushakov
Project manager.

In 2009, founded his own web studio, where held the post of the head was engaged in development of web-projects of various difficulty. Currently he is an ICO manager and supervises the development and maintenance of the projects.