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Decentralized Digital Rights Management (DDRM)

The DDRM system controls the use and distribution of high-bandwidth multimedia content (like HD-streams) in scalable and author-controlled way.

In contrast to centralized DRM services, the access can be granted by a smart-contract with conditional reencryption tokens released upon a payment. Access can be granted in time-based, channel-based, frame-based way be single-use or revocable.

NyCypher is a decentralised Key-Management System (KMS) and cryptographic access control layer for DApps encrypting each episode/frame/scene of the stream with a random Ephemeral DEcryption Key (EDEK) both for publishing via open transports like public RTSP endpoints, HTTPs streamers, Storage Buckets, IPFS or swarm URIs.

To decrypt the stream, Subscriber pays for the content (deposits given amount of tokens or native Ethers to the contract) and their Ethereum public key gets access to the stream for given time/episodes. The special decentralized service “Ursulas” delegates decryption rights for the Subscriber converting common EDEK to Subscriber’s individual EDEK’ key and encrypts it with Subscriber public key.

This example relies on the decentralised self-incentivised Ursula network to implement the Global content sharing policies and implement key Re-encyption process.

The subscriber now can decrypt the individual EDEK’ with its private Ethereum key then the episodes can be decrypted with individual EDEK’.

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